diffuser diffuses well!

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diffuser diffuses well!

Postby slowhike » Tue Jan 17, 2006 8:30 pm

i just got through making the diffuser. as i was getting ready to test it, i began to think; i wonder if there will be much differance between using the difusser & just clicking down to a lower light level? anyway, i went in my bed room & layed in the hammock (which is where i sleep nightly, whether i`m home or backpacking) & did some reading. BIG DIFFERANCE!!! with-out the diffuser, the light was so bright in the center of the page it caused a strain. but with the diffuser, the page was MUCH more evenly lighted. lowering the light level wasn`t any real help. but the diffuser was. thanks jim, for taking the time to test differant materials & sharing what you learned. ...slowhike
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