But in a new video she says rsgoldfast

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But in a new video she says rsgoldfast

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But in a new video she says that the marriage was torture and that OSRS Gold she suffered abuse at his hands Del Castillo doesn't name her husband in the video, but it would appear that she is talking about Luis García Postigo, a former member of the Mexican soccer team, whom she married in 2001.She claims in the video that she knew something was wrong from the very beginning of their relationship.'

There was something in the back of my mind that was like a red light, saying something's not right,' she says.'But, you know, when you're in love you don't see those signals.'But things became clear quickly on their honeymoon, which she spent avoiding her husband so she could cry alone, she alleges. 'Even with my work he would tell me that I'm a horrible actress that I should go and take classes.'Every single day he would say.

Oh my god, you woke up uglier than yesterday," and he would laugh.'Those 'silly little things,' she says, ultimately 'broke' her. Bullied: She says that he verbally abused her daily, telling her she was ugly and talentless, and that eventually turned into physical attacks including strangulation Pals: Del Castillo later made friends with drug boss El Chapo (center) over social media. She brokered his interview with Sean Cheap RS Gold Penn (left), and he asked her to produce a biopic of him RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next 'He was devastated': Nicole Kidman says husband Keith Urban...

Sarah Paulson may play Princess Diana on the next season of... Share this article Share Del Castillo, who shot to fame in the 1991 telenovela Muchachitas and has worked continuously in film and TV since then, believes that the core of her problem was her husband's own insecurities.'He was the star and he thought that he was the star, but I was a star as well,' she said, her voice cracking. 'I was very well known in Mexico, and he didn't like that.''
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