The next great innovation - Wiener Cans

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The next great innovation - Wiener Cans

Postby purkey » Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:59 pm

What a great website. I hope you are making $millions from it!

I have tried almost all the alcohol stoves I have seen on-line and ended up with the Super Cat as my stove of choice, even before I found this website. It is the simplest, lightest and most fail-safe alcohol stove design I have tried. The stand and the windscreen you have provided on this website make it almost perfect.

The only thing I have not liked about the Super Cat is the limited burn time. Although it is usually sufficient, it limits the amount of water you can boil. I recently discovered Armour Vienna Sausage 5 oz. cans that double the fuel capacity of the Super Cat. They are aluminum and have the same diameter as the 3 oz. cat food cans, but are about twice as tall.

In my experiments with them I initially found they take a little longer to warm up to peak burn energy than the 3 oz. cans (probably because of the larger volume of alcohol). However, by cutting a strip of aluminum the same height as the can and a little wider than the can diameter I fixed the problem. Just wedge the strip down in the middle of the can so the top of the strip is even with the top of the can. What it appears to do is transfer extra heat down into the alcohol so it warms up and vaporizes faster.

I guess you could call this the "Wiener Can Stove", unless you can think of something catchier.
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"Wiener Can Stove"

Postby Jim Wood » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:31 am

Very interesting. I've tried larger volume cans before myself, but had the same issue with longer preheat times.

I'll try the strip idea the next time I have a few minutes...


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