Stabilize your canister stove

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Stabilize your canister stove

Postby Hugh Westacott » Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:11 am

This geriatric backpacker with 60 years experience has just been referred to your instructions for stabilizing a stove attached to the top of a gas canister. It's a brilliant example of American ingenuity! I've been puzzling for years how to overcome the problem and have never come up with anything better than using tent pegs (sorry, stakes!) which are never wholly satisfactory.

I was fortunate to find some clothes pegs (pins!) that, once taken apart, needed no modification. It took me all of five minutes to strap the pegs and two short lengths of narrow nylon webbing (to make the rig even more secure with a couple of short groundsheet pegs) to the canister with Duck tape, and the job was done. Here, in the UK, the ground on which your tent is pitched is usually soft which makes it easy to push the pegs into the earth so that the canister is truly upright.

Many, many thanks!
Hugh Westacott

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