stablizing legs for canister stove

Feedback for both the canister stand review and the Super Legs build instructions posted April 3, 2005.

stablizing legs for canister stove

Postby debbi » Sun Oct 19, 2008 5:19 am


Heres what I did to stabilize my canister stove. Three 'L' shaped brackets were made from thin steel or aluminum, about 3'"4 wide, 2-1/2" overall length and bent at about 1". These are now the legs, held tightly against the canister with a radiator hose band clamp. The long tab end of the legs may have a hole drilled and then you can nail the stove down with needle stakes,,, but I find just the extra diameter created with the legs alone is marvelous. Use the legs the other way, so the canister can be elevate with each leg adjusted for level,, I store the legs in with the stove part of my Gigapower, they slip right in and the band clamp, which could also come in handy fora pack repair now I think of it, tightens down so it fits in my cookpot. Viola.

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