Stove stand

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Stove stand

Postby Patrick » Tue Sep 27, 2005 9:42 am

Jim, great stove. Thanks for the excellent plans and instructions.

I just finished making the stove stand. I followed your instructions, but made a change to the legs. I was worried about the height of it in my cook pot when packed, so I wanted the legs to be easily removable.

I picked up some plastic shelf supports at Home Depot. They're the kind that are like little pegs with a flat end to hold the shelf. I drilled 3/16" holes in the arms of the stove where you have them on the plans. The pegs just push into those with a very snug fit.

They work as expected. You can pull them out and set them in the top if you need that extra half-inch while packing. It doesn't turn out to be necessary for me after all. I'm considering melting the tops down like rivets, but they're so snug now that I don't think it's necessary.

I tested the stand with three different versions of your stove in a row last night. It was under continuous heat for more than twenty minutes, but the legs didn't melt or deform at all. Also, my stove and stand together weigh one ounce exactly, so the plastic legs seem to save a bit of weight.

Thanks again. Great stove and great site.

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