Jim Wood's SUPER CAT Alcohol Stove: It works!

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Jim Wood's SUPER CAT Alcohol Stove: It works!

Postby Call me Pliny » Fri Nov 25, 2005 11:58 pm

I was very impressed with the Supper Cat Alcohol Stove. Thanks for the directions. Here are my comments. Holly Toledo! It is fast and Hot. The only can I had was 3.5” Dia and 1-7/16” tall. I used all your dimensions otherwise. I found an awl too small to make the holes big enough so I used a drill. I found sandpaper and a file somewhat useful for removing burrs. My first test resulted in puffing so I drilled the top holes out another 1/64th” and cleaned them up (improved the roundness). The bottom holes were, after another test, drilled out to a full ¼”. I learned that preheating was more important than I had assumed it was. A larger pot base worked better (my 6” dia. Pot seemed to work better than my 4.75 “ dia pot. The flame impinged on more of the bottom of the larger pot. In my lightweight aluminum teapot (6” dia.) I took a pint of water from 60 F to rolling boil in 5 minutes. With no lid. (ambient Humidity was 60% and the air temperature in the basement was 62 F.)

I have been hiking fairly steadily in Washington, California, Alaska for the past 40 years. I’m now back in Washington and live near the Olympic National Park and get out fairly often. If I get out tomorrow it will be my 42nd hike this year. I started with a can of Sterno for cooking. Then I got a Bluet Stove. When I moved to Alaska in 1980 I went out on a winter Ice climb and tried the Bluet at near 0 F. Needless to say it didn’t work. I bought an Optimus 8R white gas stove that was very heavy. Then my daughter gave me an MSR International Shaker Whisperlight. Recently I purchased a Primus Micro Canister stove. I have experimented with a standard Esbit stove, but they take 5 minutes to bring just a cup of water to 200 degrees.
I’m going to enjoy using the Jim Wood Alcohol stove. It was simple to make and so far seems to work well.
Call me Pliny

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