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cool idea for super cat stove stand

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2006 1:15 pm
by kevin
If you take a Esbit stove stand (the little grey one) and open like you're going to put a tablet in it but instead put the cat stove in the opening, it fits PERFECTLY with one modification: bend the four protuding tabs (2 on each side) on the Esbit stove outward and then flatten them. Your pot will now sit on the super cat stove AND the Esbit stove stand perfectly! The seal will give you the pressure you need and the Esbit stove stand gives you the stability. It folds up nicely for storage, too. This solution works great for me and I think you'll find it a great problem solver for this stove's stablity issue! I can't say enough for this stove...I've been fussing with these things for months and it really out-performs the other stoves I've used and tried to make. I think your site is a real winner!