alchohol weights more than other fuels

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alchohol weights more than other fuels

Postby Guest » Wed Jun 28, 2006 6:45 pm

The next time a techno-cooker chirps by saying You need to carry more alcohol for the same amount of cooking you get with other fuels, remind them of the following:

*meth stoves don't require (and shouldn't use) a fancy HEAVY MSR bottle. These bottles weigh a lot, so there is this substantial weight savings.

*people who use meth stoves are much more inclined to carry nearly exactly what they need in fuel (an ounce to boil water, an ounce and a half to cook beyond that, etc), whereas people who use other stoves don't know how much fuel they use to cook noodles, so are very likely to carry twice and three times what they actually need.

*The stoves tend to be much lighter than other fuelded stoves

Sooooo, when all is said and done, I suspect that the people who carry alcohol stoves are probably at least carrying the same weight in cooking gear and fuel for their meals and probably less as other people.

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