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Major update July 22, 2008 (originally published April 30, 2005).

Kite Screen

Postby Willi_Wabbit » Sun May 01, 2005 9:34 pm

Hi Jim, your kite screen is a great idea and I can't wait to try it. I have been playing around with canister stove windscreens a lot and find it to be frustrating. The challenge has been to keep the canister and stove from overheating, while still protecting the stove from wind. One thing I learned for certain is that a tight windscreen is not the way to go. In testing different designs I have managed to fry 3 canister stoves so far.

A big problem I was having was turbulence within the windscreen (3-sided, pot height) when using a box fan to provide wind. In your article you mention that the Kite Screen will minimize internal reflections and downdrafts if it extends at least 6 inches above the stove. That's exactly what I need to eliminate. I'm a retired research scientist, so I love to tinker, but I am not an aerodynamicist, and the turbulence problem was driving me nuts.

I was moving in your direction with my latest design, which was a wider diameter aluminum windscreen. This seemed to provide wind protection without the canister getting hot, but required a moderate flame and close monitoring. Also, the windscreen's size makes it pretty impractical for the field.

Your design seems to be a practical solution.

Also, I love your website. Great job, and thanks for putting this resource online.

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