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Aluminized polyester film

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 11:58 pm
by catamountain
I want to make a Kite Screen with an aluminized surface. Not only would it block wind, but it would be a radiant wall behind a small wood stove or small campfire that reflects the warmth of the fire back towards me. At first I was planning to get a retired fire shelter and use the aluminized fiberglass material - which I will still try. But I just found an aluminized polyester film that is heat resistant to 230°C (443°F). Dura-Lar is a flimsy, sheet that comes in different thicknesses. It also claims to be non-tearing. The one downside however seems to be its flame class. It is slow to self extinquish.

It can be found in a well supplied art store. I found .001" x 20" x 27" locally. The sheet weighed 25 g (.88 oz). A sliver of the material shriveled up when in direct contact with a flame from a lighter. It stopped shriveling when the flame was removed. A Reynold's oven bag seemed to melt and shrivel more in the same test - but it is a thinner film.

Next I tried
1.3 oz. Heat and Solar Reflective Ripstop. That fabric would burn. (It is an interesting fabric, but I want to find a fireproofing coating for it.)

A fire shelter's aluminized fiberglass would delaminate under wildfire conditions. It is a much heavier fabric. The BackBaker oven is made from this class of fabric.

Another polyester film source

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 12:15 am
by catamountain
An Emergency Blanket is a polyester film too. I cut a piece of a cheapo blanket and held a lighter next to it. It behaved like the Dura-Lar and Reynold's oven bag.

A heavier, reinforced version of this plastic-type material is those heftier space blankets.