Deterioration of silnylon waterproofness

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Deterioration of silnylon waterproofness

Postby D. B. Cooper » Mon Jan 30, 2006 2:19 pm

Very nice site here Jim.

The silnylon tent floor treatment seems like a great idea those who need an enhanced/more waterproof floor. Personally, I'm fine with just a standard silnylon floor and I don't even use a groundcloth anymore with no problems at all. I'm prepared to make field repairs though if need be.

The tent floor treatment article had a lot of interesting things about silnylon waterproofness. I was dismayed to learn that waterproofness deteriorates so rapidly with use. I have a Stephenson's Warmlite silnylon tent that I have been using moderately for 6 years now with no leakage yet. I believe Stephenson's is one of the pioneers in using silnylon for tents - expensive but one of the lightest commercial tents around.

I saw an interesting article on the net by hammock dude Ed Speer. Ed recommends periodically treating silnylon with commonly available silicone spray to restore waterproofness >>>

Has anyone experienced silnylon leakage due to deterioration of the factory treatment? And has anyone tried spraying silcone on their silnylon to restore waterproofness? I might try this with my tent in the future if I experience leakage but I would want to make sure that this can be applied safely without damaging the fabric.

I'm looking forward to Jim's future article, Silnylon: The Inside Story .
D. B. Cooper
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Re: Deterioration of silnylon waterproofness

Postby jottoh12 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 1:12 pm

DB, Have you retreated your Stephensons yet? I have an original warmlite 2 person with all factory coating had disappeared and a recoat effort in the late 80's using then recommended warmlite solution has been removed. I believe the latter was appled much too thickly, perhaps un-thinned. It was REALLY thick and cracking so I peeled it by hand. I now have a completely "naked" warmlite tent.

Was thinking a 1:2 ratio for the floor and a 1:5 ratio on the canopy yet am reluctant too continue unless I have heard from anyone who has tried a DIY recoat on a Stephensons tent. Thanks...
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