just read your article

Feedback for the article published May 11, 2005.

just read your article

Postby Inge » Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:30 am

Just stumbled across your article when looking for uv proofing silnylon. A very clearly written article by the way.

Ordered the other week a tarptent SS2 and will definitely put on an extra layer of sillicone coating on the floor (inside and out). But am wondering would it also be a good idea to put a coating on the outer tent in order to give it extra uv protection straight away. Or am I better of in using the tent for a few weeks and then applying the coating? The tent will mainly be pitched during the evening/ night however there will be a few times it will face the light of day.

Hope you or soomeone else can shed some light on what is best for me to do.
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