Supercat stoves for sale

Comments pertaining to the original Super Cat alcohol stove and stand articles. Includes feedback from January, 2005 through October, 2008. This forum is now closed to new posts but remains available for reading.

Supercat stoves for sale

Postby Leave No Trace » Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:01 pm

Hi Jim,

Your site here is great. Your Supercat design has been an ispiration to me. I recommend your stove to all that ask on forums that I visit. Your stove being the easiest of all stoves to make and use.

Just yesterday, on a public forum, Jasonklass said you gave him permission to sell the Supercat on Ebay and on his website. At one time I did see him selling them for $15.00 on his site. I personnally did not see them on Ebay as I do not frequent that site.

That is the first time I've heard mention of your stoves being marketed. Have others been given permission? Are there retailers for your stoves and accessories? If there are others, I'd be glad to direct them to the sites where they are available.

The Supercat is awesome, thanks again for a super design. It's a dream come true for DIY hikers, campers and just about everone out there. :D
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Postby Jim Wood » Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:15 am

Thanks for your comments about the stove... I'm glad you've found it to be useful. And sorry for the delay in responding... have been busy with work.

Anyway, regarding your question about sales, no problem. The design has been placed into the public domain so that anyone who cares to build, modify or sell these stoves is free to do so. I'd guess that there's probably not much of a market, however, since the stoves are so easy to make.

Jim Wood.
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