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Postby chigurd » Tue May 02, 2006 7:20 pm

Thanks for the tips around here, and especially the floor bit (so far).

There are truly waterproof zips ofcourse, like used in diving suits, but heavy.
The swedish manuf. Klattermusen claims some of their zips in their shell jackets are waterproof to 1,4m.
Finally Source makes a sort of fold-over closure on some of their water bags which is light and could be sized to bigger sacks probably easily, though it is stiff, when closed you can't bend the top edge of the bag. It is entirely waterproof so far (except it doesn't take boiling water), to the extent you can stand on the bag full of water. OT I've had inexplicable mouthpiece failure though.
I think Platypus uses a ziplock like system on some of their waterbags but from a distance it doesn't look as strong.
Pneumo(sic?) drybags have a pressure relief valve which makes it easy to compress but I'm not sure if debris from the luggage can compromise its seal. Probably safest to have a pressure in the bag anyway.

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