Burn used oil in stove no mods required

Feedback about a new system that's both a high-performance windscreen for alcohol stoves and an efficient, stand-alone stove for burning wood and solid-fuel tablets. In its lightest implementations, it weighs only about two ounces.

Burn used oil in stove no mods required

Postby JohnHale » Thu May 03, 2018 2:50 am


I have too much sawdust and used oil and have found a solution to the problem. simply mix a gallon of oil with enough sawdust to make a cow paddy like mixture.Put it in a doubled shopping bag and toss it in the wood stove.Use only about a half gallon at a time and DO NOT open the door or vents as it will flash and fill your room with smoke!I wish I had some cardboard buckets to use instead of bags but it works.

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