spider plants (NEED HELP)

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spider plants (NEED HELP)

Postby AlexAmery » Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:10 am


I am doing a science experiment in which I grew 9 spider plants, 3 watered with tap water, 3 with liquid jello, and 3 with coffee. The project came out really great. The plants with the jello grew significantly bigger than the others, probably because of the sugar content in the jello. The plants with the coffee kind've shriveled up and died, but that's good. Now I know what coffee does to plants.Now there's another problem, my science teacher wants to know what the future outcome of growing spider plants in jello or coffee would be, and i'm stumped! I don't know if it would change the environment(which I highly doubt), or if it would just be a little more of a creative way to water plants? PLEASE HELP!!!

Please help.

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