Backpacking for the first time - at high altitude, possibly

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Backpacking for the first time - at high altitude, possibly

Postby spadekevin » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:05 am


So i'm heading back to Canada for 10 days, and one of the things i'm planning to do is go backpacking for the first time. I'm in decent shape, i have a warm down mummy bag, foam pad, and a Eureka Solo Spitfire tent, a fleece and some raingear. The people i'm going with are very experienced and rather hardcore, but have promised not to make me hate this experience. Despite it being late July, reports are that the area where we will be in still has snow on the ground, up to 1 meter deep in places. The trip should be 4 days.
They are going to lend me a backpack, so that should be OK, and cooking gear will be brought by others.
What do I need.. what should I know?
I'm planning to buy a pair of gore-tex lined hiking boots before the trip, but that's the only definite equipment purchase i have lined up at this point. Is cotton clothing like jeans OK to wear? Am I going to die?

Please help.

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