The variety will help compensate for Fortnite guns

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The variety will help compensate for Fortnite guns

Postby rsgoldfastshop » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:51 pm

To distinguish itself, Realm Royale doubles back on loot and provides lots of player classes and abilities, mixing the
sensibilities of a hero shooter or MOBA with battle royale. While the gameplay never quite compares with competitors, the emphasis on upgrading your character's armor and skills brings some interesting tactical choices.

There are five courses to buy fortnite materials pick from in Realm Royale: the beefy Warrior, turret-building Engineer, sneaky Assassin,
fireball-hurling Mage, and also speedy Hunter. It is a mix and match of the dream and hero shooter cuisine that players are used to by now. Having a field full of 100 players of diverse classes means that every encounter with an enemy is something of a guessing game, where you have to understand what your enemy could do and the best way to counter it.

It is a Small risk/reward gamble

You run into a hunkered down Engineer camping a building, or perhaps you've got to take care of a Mage chugging extra effective recovery potions. The variety will help compensate for Fortnite guns floaty and not as impactful gameplay where gunshots never hit as hard as you would expect.
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